Children’s Party Themes for 2018

Planning your child’s birthday party can be it’s own full time job. After the streamers are hung, and the presents are wrapped, seeing your little one’s face light up on their big day makes all the planning worth it.

But sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start.

To help you get the ball rolling, we’ve put together the biggest trends in children’s party themes for 2018.


Movie Themes

The Incredibles introduced us to a quirky and funny family of five. Their look quickly became a well-favored Halloween costume in the early 2000s.  The famous family is now back by popular demand with the release of the sequel, The Incredibles 2,  into theaters in June 2018. Not only does that mean whipping out the old costumes, but there are also fun games to include. The decor is also a cinch to create, using the color scheme of yellow, red and black. The formula can only result in creating the greatest superhero birthday party in the neighborhood.

Lego has been a mainstay for great childhood memories for decades. In 2017, two movies released under the Lego brand: the Lego Ninjago Movie and the Lego Batman Movie. To help inspire your next party, Lego even has a page dedicated to birthday party themes. Another fun idea uses yellow and black paint on small mason jars as packaging for Lego-themed favors, such as Candy Blox.

Trending Themes

Unicorn- and rainbow-colored foods have been a trend for quite some time. The rise of such visually appealing foods included the Rainbow Bagel, Unicorn Latte, Unicorn Grilled Cheese and more. Even in the Food Network show, Kids Baking Championship, they dedicated an entire episode to the theme of unicorns. With so many variations of unicorn-themed foods, adding a pastel color scheme to your ambiance will come with ease when setting up the party.

Emojis have become such an essential part of communicating with others, they’ve even inspired their own movie! These expressive smileys can lend for an entertaining theme, making for great cookies, cupcakes, favors and games.

Disneyland ranks high as one of the most tagged places on Instagram. It’s inevitable that one of our party themes on the list remind us of the happiest place on Earth. What makes the classic theme so popular is that it’s quite easy to recreate at home. Give Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse ears to your happy tiny guests, as well as designing cookies and favors

Food Themes

The DIY trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon. A popular food trend that make for a simple solution for feeding hungry kids are make-your-own naan pizzas. The great thing about this idea is that it allows kids to get their hands dirty to create their own pizza. Simply provide the sauce, shredded cheese, fun toppings such as vegetables and pepperoni and let the youngsters become little chefs.

Another idea that is also on the rise in the wedding scene are DIY donuts. It is reminiscent of the enjoyment in decorating your own gingerbread cookies or houses, but without the need for the holidays to roll around. Offer unique icing colors and sprinkles and let all the creativity from your small guests come out.

How to Create and Execute an Event Theme


Coming up with a brilliant theme for your next event is one thing, but turning your ideas and inspiration into full-fledged festivities can take a lot of time and planning. To help, here’s our road map for picking and executing your dream theme.


1. Choose Aspects of the Theme

A theme is the overarching experience that you want your event to express. This can be determined by color, concept, or ambiance – or any mixture of the three.


  • Color
      • While color is straightforward, a well-executed color scheme can make an ordinary event extraordinary. For example, the use of vibrant color schemes, such as magenta, emerald green and canary yellow, is a major trend for 2018.


  • Concept
      • A concept is an idea typically taken from a movie, culture, or fashion. For example, an annual event that is renowned for its exuberant themes is the Met Gala. This year’s theme, “Heavenly Bodies,” is inspired by Catholicism and resonates throughout the entire event. The gala will take place at renowned New York City museum, The Cloisters. The medieval European exhibits make it a perfect fit for location and the dress code will be inspired by iconic religious garbs. As the focal point of conversation, a robe lent from the Sistine Chapel will be on display (a treat since it is rarely shown outside the Chapel).
      • Other concepts that are great theme ideas include Mardi Gras, a fairytale ball or the 1920s era of the Great Gatsby.


  • Ambiance
    • Ambiance defines an event’s overall atmosphere for example, rustic, classy or modern can all describe the overall “feel” of an event. Typically, ambiances help shape the type of decor and furniture to use for your event.


Determining color, concept, and ambiance make it simple to lay out the rest of the event theme. A great example is the wedding of Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian. Their concept was Beauty and the Beast, with pastel earth-tones and complimentary copper-tones for the color scheme. The ambiance emanated a Parisian ball that touches upon a modern French country look. Similarly for your event, everything is planned around the theme. From here, you can begin brainstorming fun ideas on your IdeaBook to find the matching puzzle pieces of the event.

2. Create a Shopping List

Many of us have entered a store intending to buy only one item, but left with a whole cart full of indulgences (guilty!). In the event world, failing to make and stick to a shopping list and budget can have a much bigger impact on your wallet. Being proactive makes a dramatic difference, especially since weddings cost an average of $35,329. The best way to start putting your theme into action is to have a detailed shopping list. Add everything from floral arrangements and buffet tables to napkins and party favours and don’t skimp on the details.


3. Shop Around

This step can be hard after spending time asking questions and establishing rapport with vendors. Be honest and let vendors know that you’re just asking for a quote, and cannot agree on anything today. Budgeting and planning is a game of give and take. Getting quotes allows you to decide which event items mean more to you, and which ones can forego all the bells and whistles.

Another thing to consider when budgeting is deciding if you want to take a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach with any of the items. If you have a flair for beautiful calligraphy or artisanal craftsmanship, this might be a good route. Some items that are typically tackled in the DIY-fashion are favors, photo booth props, invitations and signage.


4. Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s the Week Before

Once you’ve sampled, visited and perused the options, choosing the best-fit vendors and venue is just half the job. Keep in contact with your venue and vendors as the event comes. Make sure to schedule all the deliveries and drop-offs, at the latest, a week before the event.
Finally, delegate tasks to members of your inner circle and inform your venue and vendors who to contact for day-of questions and details. If you’re the most important person at your event (i.e., a wedding, stagette, or birthay party), you’ll want be busy enjoying your event, not dealing with last-minute details. (And let’s face it, you’ll probably be hard to find!)

Event Trends for 2018

Event Trends 2018

New year, new event trends.

In 2018, we’re striking a balance between bold and minimal, and mixing bespoke experiences with DIY. Here are the latest and greatest tips for making your 2018 events memorable for years to come.


Event Aesthetics

Colorful Hues
Straight out of Fashion Week, bold and saturated colors are a sweeping trend for 2018. Scrap the traditional pastel hues that are commonly found throughout the spring season. Instead, bolder fuchsia, peacock green, sunshine yellow and not to forget, ultra violet: Pantone’s color of the year, make for striking alternatives year-round.

Cooler Metallics
Copper, gold and rose-gold tones were quite the buzzwords for 2017. These warmer metals were great for rustic ambiances or off-white table layouts. However, we’re turning into the New Year with silver and chrome instead. Whether they appear in table assignment holders, napkin holders or flatware, these colder metallics are the perfect addition for a sleek, chic and classy table layout.

Event Logistics

Green Events
With all of the planning and prepping that goes behind special events, we can often forget to focus on planning sustainably. Whether it’s preferring greener vendors or choosing environmentally-friendly materials, there are simple ways to get on board. Favors can use environmentally-friendly packaging, such as using recyclable gift boxes or reusable jars. Centerpieces can be edible or potted to be taken home (succulents can be romantic, too).

Unique Venues
With the royal wedding coming up in May, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle understand that a unique venue makes for an unforgettable experience. Find inspiration by digging deep into your passions and fondest memories. For lovers of hiking and nature, a space that offers a backdrop of a canyon or a wooded area is a perfect fit. Those dreaming of a fairytale wedding are suited well in a castle or historical ruins.

Filming by Drone
Special events often use a videographer or photographer to document once-in-a-lifetime moments. As consumer drone sales continue to rise from 2017, their appearance at events is increasing. Drones offer an added layer of creativity when taking group shots or panoramas. Use one to create mesmerizing panoramic shots of mountains, lakes or other aspects of outdoor events.

Event Catering

DIY Food or Beverage Experiences
A DIY treat station is a great way to keep your guests occupied. Guests will find themselves having fun designing their own donuts or ice cream sandwiches. For more adult-friendly occasions, a martini or margarita bar can get the party started. A DIY food or drink station allows your guests to bring out their inner chef or bartender.

Naked Cakes
While the venue dresses up, the cakes are dressing down. One of the trends of 2018 has been to shave off the excess frosting to create naked cakes. Floral or fruit accents are the perfect partner in crime to decorate the tiers.

4 Questions You Must Ask Your Event Planner

A qualified event planner can make or break your event, but only if you go with the ideal service for your gathering. When you’re looking at different companies, asking the right questions will get you the information you need to make an informed decision. Here’s what you need to cover.

What do your services cost?

Price quotes are fundamental requirements right out of the gate. If the fee is out of your budget, further contact with the company is probably a waste of time. Consider going with a planner who charges a flat fee instead of a percentage. With a flat fee, your budget will be more accurate and you’ll be spared expensive surprises after the event is over.

Are you going to attend?

This may seem like a basic question, but it’s an important one that is often overlooked. Some event planners attend events themselves, while others send assistants in their place. Your event planner may only be involved in the beginning and use an assistant to handle the rest of the preparations. However the planner works, you need to be comfortable with it, and he or she must be available and personally involved throughout the entire process.

What are your vendor relationships?

You might want a planner who already has relationships in the city where your event is going to take place. These contacts may include floral, decor, equipment rentals, entertainment and temporary staff. A planner who has relationships with local vendors could yield you some savings, and he or she can also make sure the charges are what they should be.

What is your vision, and what are your contingency plans?

A key to successful event planning is having a planner who has the same vision for the event as you do. Imagine your event is a high-end awards ceremony. That type of event needs smartly dressed staff serving elegant hors d’oeuvres rather than staff in shorts handing out hot dogs, and you and the planner need to be on the same page so the latter doesn’t happen.

Anything can go wrong with an event, which is why you need a planner who has contingency plans in place. For example, if your event is outdoors, what will happen if it rains? Make sure you pick a planner who has all the avenues covered, even if the unexpected happens.

Above all, make sure you are comfortable with the event planner you choose. A successful event planning process comes from comfort and trust between you and the planner, so you need to have respect for and confidence in the person you choose.

5 Ways to Pull Off A Perfect Event

Event planning isn’t always a walk in the park, but you can stack the deck in your favor from the get-go. Try these five ways to get your event onto a path to perfection every time.

Visualize your event

You’re probably starting off with some vague parameters, such as “Here’s the budget; now go off and plan that 50th anniversary party or corporate charity gala!” To develop a cohesive and strong message for your event, visualize it in more detail. Maybe you’re really touched by how the anniversary guests of honor met or inspired by that corporation’s cause. Can that be worked into the event somehow? When you start with the basics, you’ll be able to get to what is truly important and use that focus to drive your entire event.

Nail the budget

Knowing and sticking to your budget is crucial because it drives the entire event planning process. As an event organizer, your funds will probably have a limit, and you need to make sure all areas get the allocation they need. Spending too much on decor and being short when it comes to food, for example, is an easy trap to fall into no matter how experienced you are. Detail a budget that allows for all of your basic party elements, use what is left for more creative touches, and stick as close to your fund plans as humanly possible.

Watch your timing

Plan your event at least three months ahead of its scheduled date. Look for events that may conflict with yours and try to resolve those conflicts if possible. By doing your event planning early, you can cut down on last-minute and stressful rushing around and ensure it is your event that makes it onto your guests’ calendars first.

Get a little creative

A limited budget often calls for creativity, but even if you’re a lucky event organizer with a lavish spending bag, a little creativity can go a long way. Look for unique ideas so your event stands out to your guests. Being memorable is a great way to ensure satisfied guests, even if your event does hit some minor snags.

Roll with the punches

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the unexpected happens. Being able to handle challenges and resolve unanticipated problems is crucial for having a perfect event. If something pops up before or during your event, take a deep breath and use your creativity and resources to handle the issue.

Planning the perfect event takes organizational skills, creativity and a little bit of courage. Remember to keep your focus on your main theme and have a great time!

5 Cutting-Edge Corporate Event Trends

As a planner, you naturally want to add your own touch to your events, but you can always draw inspiration from the well by keeping up with the hottest trends in corporate events. Check out these five ideas that are making waves in the corporate planning arena right now.

Matchmaking with a twist

The concept of matchmaking goes back decades, but it’s a relatively new entry in the business world. Prospective partners are matched on skills and background to foster business or organization connections that otherwise may not happen. This trend works on more than one level as it’s a unique combination of social engagement and networking.

Engagement levels activated

Events are strongly associated with a few people talking and others simply listening, and this is true of everything from business conferences to bridal showers. In the corporate sector, active engagement is becoming
more popular, with attendees acting as full participants in the experience instead of just bystanders. Technology is playing a big role in this trend, with tools ranging from event-themed apps and social media channels to even live event video.

Unusual venue, unique time

As traditional venue costs increase, corporate event planners are beginning to think outside the box when it comes to the event space. While hotels and conference rooms are still arguably the gold standard, venue spots are increasingly including activity-oriented places such as racetracks, theme parks, casinos and even villas.

Going a little green

The social trend toward conservation is really making itself known in the corporate events world, and there are now online tools that can help event planners determine their gathering’s carbon footprint. Popular green event ideas include using pre-loaded USB sticks instead of paper for handouts; using artificial, reusable plants in the décor; including organic, local fare on the event menu; and using water pitchers instead of individual water bottles.

Safety’s reigning supreme

With all the troubling events in the news, increased safety is quickly becoming a priority at corporate events. While safety needs vary by event, some increasingly popular improvements include strategies for exits, better planning for evacuations, live communication coordination during the event and the credentialing of attendees. As with engagement levels, technology is a big part of the safety movement, with event safety apps and programs starting to become more widely available.

Use current corporate trends to help spark ideas for your event and stay ahead of the competition. When you’re in step with the times, you can give your attendees an event to remember.

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