How to Host the Perfect Backyard BBQ

Break out the patio chairs and the BBQ grill because summertime is right around the corner! With the sunshine breaking out, it’s time to invite your friends, family and neighbors to enjoy some good grilling. Here’s our list of how to host the perfect backyard BBQ.


Food and Drinks Fit for Friends

One of the most important parts of hosting an enjoyable BBQ is to have some amazing food and delicious drinks. Here are great BBQ recipes to have your guests leaving satisfied with their bellies full.

The Meats Are on Fire

Lovers of BBQ (such as Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters) know that it’s all about the marinade, seasoning and technique. Hot dogs make frequent appearances at the backyard cookout because they’re simple to make. For mains that go a little further, try these recipes out to wow your guests.


The Chips, Dips and Sides

A good barbecue can’t be rushed, but guests will come hungry, so get ready to have some quick munchies to keep their appetites occupied while the grill is at work.


The Beverages

While pop, beer and water are the easy go-to drinks to cool down under the sun, here are some great recipes to go the extra yard to quench your guests’ thirsts.


The Atmosphere

If you do decide to go with a theme, it adds a fun element that makes for a memorable event. The theme is comprised of color scheme, ambiance and concept. Whether you’re going for rustic farmhouse, an all-white affair or tropical themed, deciding on a theme makes shopping for decor simpler. Here are some great tips to picking out a theme for your BBQ.


If you do go with a theme for your BBQ, the decor that pulls the theme together include:

  • Invitations
  • Decoration
  • Plates, cups, napkins and cutlery
  • Serveware for drinks (such as these great drink dispensers), food and ice



Another part of the ambiance is the music. If we have unusual taste in music, if your guests come with diverse tastes, keep that in mind when creating your playlist. If you’re tight on time preparing all the delicious food for the BBQ, Spotify has some great playlists to choose from to get your party started.


Sometimes games can lighten the ambiance for your guests. Here are some great games to get the giggles going from guests, both adults and youngsters alike.

The Odds and Ends

While all the other things mentioned are the most essential parts of the BBQ, there are also odds and ends that should be prepared to make sure that your backyard outing goes smoothly.

  • The Shopping List: Decoration, flatware and serveware can be purchased the weekend prior, while the food checklists should be purchased 1-3 days prior to the BBQ to assure freshness.
  • Preparing the Food Ahead of Time: Review the recipes that you’ll be using to see if they require marinating a day before the BBQ. Some salads, dips and other side dishes can be prepared the night before to ease your preparation the morning of the BBQ.
  • Ice: Ice is one of the few things that can be forgotten by the wayside. Purchase bags of ice the morning of and having a cooler or two on the side (one for storing cans and bottles and one to use for drinks) is recommended.
  • Trash: Place the trash receptacles in convenient locations, such as a meter or two away from the food and by the BBQ grill. Have extra trash bags within easy access and check on them often to avoid overflowing.
  • Offer Packaging to Bring Food Home: It is more atypical that people will bring tupperware to bring food home from the BBQ, so have some disposable packaging for guests to use to help avoid having excessive leftovers as the host.

With our guide of recipes and tips, hosting the perfect backyard BBQ will come with ease, with guests complimenting you for hosting a memorable backyard outing for days to come.

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