Should You DIY or Hire an Event Planner for your Next Event?


Whether you are planning a wedding, bar mitzvah, or birthday party, a special event is meant to be memorable and enjoyable for you and your guests. Before beginning your plans, it’s essential to understand what you’re able to add to the planning process. Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, and priorities will help you decide whether the event planner or DIY-route is best for you. To help you pick, we’ve laid out the benefits of hiring and event planner vs. taking the DIY-route below.


Hire an Event Planner if You Want to:


1. Save (A Lot of) Time: 

Planning an event can be cumbersome and time-consuming. In a survey completed by Forbes, the average time spent on planning a wedding alone was between 9-10 hours a week. While your event may not be as big as a wedding, if you’re already a busy person, adding event planning on top of that can we far too much stress. Instead, save your sanity and opt for a professional to do all research and planning for you. Not only will an event planner help you save time,  they can also help you stay within your desired event budget.

Forego the Trial and Error 

Aside from planning their client’s events, event planners also maintain a preferred vendors list. Referring a quality venue, vendor or supplier positively impacts the event planner’s own reputation. Building a solid relationship with these vendors increases reliability and strengthens communication between both parties (which comes in handy should the unexpected happen). This sense of trust helps in particularly when contingency plans are needed (for example, a surprise sprinkle during your outdoor event or your entertainment is running late).  Forego spending countless hours on Yelp and Google and betting on whether you’ll have quality professionals off of strangers’ reviews. An event planner is equally invested in making your event a success, so they bring a great team along to make it happen.

Avoid Day-of Event Stress

The worst case scenario is being the go-to for everything that goes wrong on the day of the event. Only you know all of the event details so the onus is on you problem solve while trying to be a host. Instead, having an event planner allows you to leave the day-of problem solving to them – so you can get back to enjoying the party.


DIY Your Next Event If:


1. You Are Supremely Organized

The thought of checklists and budgets does not scare you away, but rather feeds your soul. OK, we’re pushing it, but you are great at staying organized. Planning an event is like a marathon, not a sprint. You would have to research and sample/visit each venue or vendor for your event. Another ball to juggle is shopping within your budget and know when to cut costs on others when you’re over budget. A good start, if you’re going the DIY-route, is to begin by casting your net out on social media to ask for recommendations of venues and vendors. However, don’t forget to do your own due diligence in researching the quality and service of the recommended vendors and venues.

2. Your Creativity Level is Expert 

Taking the DIY route on invitations, signage, desserts and favours are all great approaches to saving money (especially when time is not of the essence). One perk of going DIY is that it is a wonderful way to let your personality shine in your event, be it bridal shower, baby shower or special dinner. This may be ideal if your event is on the smaller side. If you find that putting that extra bit of love into your event is fulfilling, this may be the route for you.

3. Your Priority is Saving Money

Every little bit of DIY effort counts. If a friend or family has a home with a spacious yard, using this space can drastically cut down on venue rental cost. Centrepieces can be quaint, like upcycled wine bottles that have been spray-painted gold for floral centrepieces. The bar can be stocked with your own alcohol and self-serve. The list can go on. If in the case you are willing to let go without the frills and to dedicate more time to creating everything from scratch, it can go a long way for your wallet.

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